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How We Tested Baby Monitors with split-screen

A baby monitor with a split-screen is a baby monitoring camera that provides two screens on the same device. One screen displays the baby’s room, while the other displays another room in your home. This type of baby monitor allows parents to have peace of mind by being able to see their baby at all times, even when they are busy elsewhere in the home.

So, how can you make the most out of a baby monitor with a split screen? Let’s find out below!

Understanding the Baby Monitor with Split Screen

A baby monitor with a split screen provides two screens that allow for greater visibility and a quality picture. By having both rooms displayed simultaneously, parents can multitask while keeping an eye on their baby from a distance. They can check emails, fold clothes, or cook dinner without worrying about missing any important moments happening in another room.

Why use a split-screen on your screen?

 It provides two screens that allow for greater visibility and quality picture. Having both rooms displayed simultaneously allows parents to multitask while watching over their baby from afar. Parents can check emails, fold clothes or cook dinner without worrying about missing an important moment happening in another room. 

Babysense HD S2 Split Screen
Babysense HD S2 Split Screen Video Baby Monitor

The second screen also makes it easier to move around other parts of the house which is helpful if there is more than a baby to keep an eye on. 

The baby monitor with split-screen provides both parents and baby security, comfort, and convenience. You can feel safe knowing you are always connected to your baby no matter how far away you are from the room they sleep in at night or nap during the daytime hours.

The baby monitor with a split-screen gives parents peace of mind that their baby is sleeping soundly while they do other things around the house. Since it’s easier for mommy (or daddy) and baby to stay connected using this type of device, there will be less anxiety about separation which leads to healthier development overall!

Benefits of Using a Split-Screen Baby Monitor

  • The baby stays safe, and parents have peace of mind knowing they can see the baby from another room in the home.
  • It’s easier to move around the house with both screens on one device, eliminating worries about missing important moments when the baby is napping.
  • The baby still feels connected during nighttime hours, even if not in the same room, thanks to split-screen technology that provides a clear picture regardless of your location or activity.

Setting Up the Camera for the Best Viewing Experience

To ensure the best viewing experience, follow these steps:

  1. Attach the baby monitor to a wall, shelf, or dresser for stability and clear images.
  2. Keep the baby’s room well-lit at night by leaving a lamp on or using a nightlight near the baby’s bed for easy visibility if they wake up.
  3. During the daytime, make sure there are no dark shadows from heavy drapes that may obstruct light in the baby’s room.

By following these guidelines, you can maximize the benefits of a split-screen baby monitor and create a secure and convenient monitoring experience for both you and your baby.

Baby Monitors Wi-Fi split screen baby monitor
Motorola Baby Monitors Wi-Fi split screen

The camera should be able to take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible without glare coming directly toward its lens.

  • Only place cameras where people will not accidentally bump them which could lead to damage and decrease picture quality.
  • If the baby is sleeping in a crib or bassinet, place the baby monitor at least one foot away from the baby’s head. This will prevent damage to the camera and ensure optimal picture quality for monitoring the baby. 
  • If you have more than one child sharing a room, be sure to adjust the cameras so they can each see their own bed.
  • For daytime use, it’s best if the baby is within eyesight of your device but out of arm’s reach when older babies may climb on furniture with unpredictable results. 
  • Try not to mount devices too high up which could lead to vision impairment as the baby grows into an active toddler trying new things around the house. Keep track of how far down the baby crawls along the walls

Common questions answered about this split-screen baby monitor

What baby monitors offer split-screen viewing and what baby monitor brands have this feature?

The most popular baby monitor with split screens is the . While this baby video monitor does not give you a full, live view of both children in one picture, it offers independent views on each camera when activated from within the parent unit. 

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This allows for more peace of mind that your little ones are safe while allowing parents to see where they need to go without disturbing them or needing to bring another device into their room if only checking on baby one. 

Can I watch my older child playing in his room with the same baby monitor as he sleeps at night? 

Yes, many models allow you to toggle between cameras. If you have a baby monitor with a split-screen, activate the camera in your older child’s room to see if they are still sleeping.

Can I use night vision on my baby monitor? 

The best split-screen baby monitors offer a combination of both color viewing and black/white infrared night vision. That way when it is dark out, you can let any natural light filter through while using the extra feature for occasional nighttime checkups so the baby has enough comfort to fall asleep without getting too worked up over lights being shined directly into their face.

Comparison of baby monitor this split-screen

Models/FeaturesVAVA VA-IH009Babysense HD S2Motorola MBP50-G2Babysense V43Moonybaby Split 55
Screen Size5″ IPS5″ LCD5”4.3″4.3″
Split Screen
Wireless connectivity FHSS FHSS FHSS FHSS FHSS
Wider Range (open space)1000ft1000ft900ft960ft1000ft
Battery life with audio and screen10 hours12 hours3-5 hours4-6 hours10 hours

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