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We all know how difficult it is to carry around a baby and try not to get distracted, but there are some things you can do in order for your stroller experience to be as safe.

To ensure that your little one’s stroller is both safe and convenient, look for these safety features:

  1. When using bumpers in your stroller, or if you string toys across it to keep the little one entertained while out on walks be sure they are securely fastened so that whatsoever does fall onto them won’t harm any aspect of their delicate skin. Remove these items once babies can sit up by themselves.
  2. When you’re stopped, make sure your stroller has brakes that can be operated easily. Use them whenever and wherever possible! Brakes should never lock two wheels so there’s no chance for an accident or incident with our little ones on board.
  3. It’s important to select a stroller with a wide base so that your baby won’t get hurt.
  4. To avoid any dangerous situations, make sure you are always standing close by and watch what your child does when they get out of the stroller. Inspect their hand-toes for broken nails before letting them play with this new toy.
  5. Hanging bags or other items from the handles of your stroller can cause it to tip backward. If you have a basket for carrying things, make sure that it is placed low and near rear wheels so as not compromise its stability when walking on uneven surfaces like cobblestone paths which mightensing extra weight into one area.
  6. When you use the stroller, make sure it has a seat belt and harness. Infants should be secured in rolled-up baby blankets as bumpers on either side of their seats while toddlers sit next to them or behind an armrest that can protect them from any sudden movements by Mommy during driving (and other hazards).
  7. Never leave your child unattended.
  8. When purchasing a side-by-side twin stroller, make sure that the footrest extends across both sitting areas. A child’s feet can get trapped between separate rests and it is dangerous for them to remain in this position as they may fall off of either seat if you don’t pull their legs back into place immediately.
  9. You can find a stroller that will let your older child sit or stand in the rear. Be mindful of weight guidelines and especially careful because they may become overly active, which could cause them to tip this makesmaller more thanjust lie back and enjoy themselves.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has released new stroller safety standards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has just introduced new federal safety standards for carriages and strollers. These regulations will require manufacturers to update their designs, including making sure that any part of the device which holds a child securely in place cannot cause them injury if they become wedged between materials or otherwise suffer obstruction during use–a problem often seen with pedal mechanisms where little legs can get stuck between pedals without warning.

The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has received about 1,300 reports related to strollers since 2008- around four percent of all reported incidents involve a fatality! A new standard will take effect in September 2015 that requires manufacturers to perform safety tests on their products before they go out into circulation or sell them online.


The information on this site is not a substitute for medical care and advice from your pediatrician. There may be variations in treatment that he or she recommends based on individual facts, circumstances, or personal preference you have as an adult who is now taking responsibility of caring for another life stage alongside their own childhoods!

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