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Chico Goody

This is a Chico Goody. And today we’re gonna show you how to remove all the textiles in case you wanna wash them or conduct small sign repairs. So we’re gonna begin with a canopy. And what you gonna need to do first is to detach the, uh, front strut from the stroller itself.

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 If you look here on the sides from the backside or from the inside, you can take something and you’re gonna want to poke right in here. You’ll see a little circle on the inside here.

Probably hard to see on the video, but if you press in, it’ll push a peg out the other side, And this will allow you to unlock this portion here of the struck you do that on both sides And we’ll unlock. And then you can pull out That front struck, all right, moving on the Bero bit here on both sides. And then along this back, the strut is a zipper Unzip that.

Then if we turn the stroller around, You can see that there’s some more Velcro here, One there, And a couple of buttons Off the rest of Velcro. And then we have the canopy detached. Okay.

Chicco Goody Stroller

Moving on to the main portion of the seat, we’re gonna slide the textiles over the leg rests. So textiles first, and then there is an elastic band there. Then a little further below is an elastic band that has Velcro in the center. So you want to detach that as well.

You can pull it up a little bit. All right.

Moving around to the backside here at the top, uh, there’s like this plastic, uh, ring of a sort that holds in these two straps, but there’s a little slit in it. So you can pull down on this strap and pull it up through that. SL Go The other side as well.

You go then moving here to these side arms there’s Ave, cross strap, One, one to detach, pull it out of that loop On both sides. And then on the back, You’re gonna need to feed this button Through that. And then you can slide off The main, the seat. All right, inside this seat are then boards.

Chicco Goody Stroller

 You’re gonna wanna remove, especially if you’re gonna wash this inside a washing machine. And right here, the Is a Velcro thing you can open up And then you can just pull out the backboard. And from the other side, You can pull out the base blade

There you have the seat unit and the canopy. Then there are a few pliable plastic elements inside here. A few ribs here, as well as in here, uh, you can wash this in a machine. If you do then use a colder wash, like 30 degrees and hang it up to dry afterwards, the quality of the textiles is a little bit weak.

So, uh, it probably is preferable if you hand wash. So sort of at your own risk if you use a machine, but I think it would tolerate a, uh, softer, colder wash in the machine without really having any problems. All right, we’ll move on to reassembly then In terms of reassembly, you’re going to want to start by replacing these boards.

We’re going to take the stroller And we’re going to slide This, uh, pocket In the back Until the, uh, seat adjustment mechanism pops out of that little window. And then we’re going to start are attaching it on the sides. So here at the top, you again, have this little ring with a little slit.

If you pull this down, it might be a little bit easier Here at the top. You have this little strap or loop. You’re just gonna fit it in that little slit Til it’s securely in there.

Chicco Goody Stroller

Go then next up is this Velcro strap. That’s gonna go through the loop here.

It’s a very odd angle, but you can kind of trick this by folding down the chassis, which will expand out that bar telescopic And give you easier access to slide that Velcro strap through. Let’s fold it up again. All, all right, moving on. We have this larger elastic strap with the Velcro. This is going to go all the way around this bar here on the side. And then it has, um, like a plastic piece on one side that will be self-evident that you pull the other strap through

And then bell grow it. Then in the front, you have one elastic strap, And then you have the, uh, main part of the leg address. See, go over there. You can just do any sort of final adjustments And we’ll move on, move on to the canopy, resembling the canopy.

Chicco Goody Stroller

Then you’ll notice that there’s an angle here. And so this portion of the strut, the end is a little bit further back like this, as it goes back inside the canopy. So you’re just gonna want to find that sleeve and the front of the canopy And slide it on through. And then it needs to also go through these little elastic loops on the side of the canopy, uh, textiles that, And there’s a little elastic loop there.

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Pull that up over The edge, and then we’re just gonna slide it in And press it in until it clicks into place. Okay. Other side, our elastic loop in order. And then we’re just gonna slide it in here and press it in until it clicks into place.

Chicco Goody Stroller

Moving it around to the backside, Show you on the one side, uh, at the top of this, uh, draping portion. There’s one Velcro. There’s another Velcro here. You can recline the seat if it makes it easier. Second Velcro on the side, two buttons in the middle one and two, and then just finishing up the Velcro on the other side, one, two, and the top part of the canopy in the back.

There you go, reassembly of textiles Is completed. So in any case, that is how you remove the textiles and remount the textiles of an ego Goody.

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