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Looking for a baby monitor that’s fast and easy to set up? Look no further than the Lollipop baby camera. Our camera is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, so you can connect it to your phone in minutes.

Plus, our advanced night vision ensures you can keep an eye on your little one even in the dark. And if you have more than one child, our multi-streaming feature lets you watch them all at once. So relax and take a break – the Lollipop baby camera has got you covered.

What’re good folks? D Anthony here from the dad fog today, we’re gonna talk about a baby monitor, but not just any baby monitors a monitor that incredibly resembles a Lollipop.

Lollipop: Best Wireless Baby Monitor with APP
Lollipop: Best Wireless Baby Monitor with APP

The good folks over at Lollipop sent this over for me to take a look at it. And boy, did I take a look at it? It’s my wow.

Lollipop cons: All right.

Before we get started, I know we were supposed to be working on this consistency thing. It was supposed to be a video, you know, every week I think behind like one, but I have a good reason why I’ve been working on something.

 We have a clothing line called create dope humans, and now these shirts are available to toddlers, youth, and infants picking up one of these shirts is a great way to support the channel. And if you’re into that kind of thing, just go ahead, click the link and the description without first there do baby monitors have come a long way since the first one in 1937.

 And this one here that we’re looking at is pretty sleek. And I’m very excited to show it to you guys. Now, our four-month-old Aaliyah is no longer sleeping in our bed and she is now in her crib far, far, far away.

We still need visibility to her, which is why this baby monitor comes into play. Now, when it comes to baby monitors, here is what is important to me, safety and privacy, convenience and ease of use useful features.

Lollipop Cons: price

Lollipop baby monitor that connects to phone
Lollipop cons: price

 The biggest thing I worry about when it comes to any Wi-Fi monitor is has the company has taken the correct precautions to prevent unauthorized usage and access to my baby monitor privacy mode on Lollipop gives access only to people who are connected to your Wi-Fi network, reducing the risk of an outsider, accessing the monitor. That is a good thing. I’ve seen countless stories of monitors being hacked too easily.

So this big deal really big deal from me. Privacy mode is for anybody who is connected to your network, but if you’re anything like me and you like to take late night strolls around the neighborhood, by yourself, you’re clearly away from your Wi-Fi network.

In that sense, there’s an option for you to cut that privacy mode off and you can still have access while you are away out to dinner.

The babysitter comes through long on the lonely, through the lonely neighborhood. Something like that. Another feature that is good as soon as somebody else accesses your Lollipop.

As soon as somebody else accesses your Lollipop, you get a notification.

So in the event that something happens, you will get a notification that says this person has just now connected to your Lollipop. Let’s look at features. The packaging here is incredibly sleek. I do enjoy the branding efforts here. Now you can get this in a few different colors. They have pink and they also have teal. I think it’ll be good if they had a larger range of colors, just, you know, to kinda keep it. But I think it’s part of their branding and their, their marketing strategy.

 They’re only sticking with a couple of colors. We went with the teal because it matches the little flowers that Rachel put on the wall. What comes in the package is you get some screws, some mounting screws, and you get this right here. This is actually a branch.

You can put it in there, like so, and mount to the wall. I actually thought this was an antler thought. This was a dear antler. I was like, why, why would they give me an antler? And they only gave me one at that.

Definitely not an antler, definitely is a branch for wall decor design. Now the cool thing about some of the features on here is you can take pictures in real-time and store them to your library right there on the Lollipop. Now, while you can take pictures, I haven’t found a way to be able to take videos and maybe something that they offer in, their upsell of Lollipop care, but on this free version, just day today, I haven’t been able to figure out how to record video

Now, if you have a Google home or some kind of screen with a virtual assistant, you can connect your Wi-Fi baby monitor to these displays on the website.

It says that it is compatible with Google home, but I have not been able to connect my, um, my Lollipop to Google home. It just, it just doesn’t work. There’s no dropdown for it. I went through it about 17 times. It, you can’t connect it.

 And that, that kind of sucks because in the middle of the night, you know, something happens. You have to kind of go through the phone and open it. And there’s no just external monitor for you to just kind of roll over, press a quick button, and look at like some other non-Wi-Fi related monitors.

Lollipop -smartphone compatible baby monitor
The image is very crisp on the Lollipop

The image is very crisp on the Lollipop. I like the way that it looks on my phone. It is broadcast in 1080 P. But the thing that I just don’t really care for is I can’t rotate the camera at all. So I have to put the camera in a very specific location.

I have to be comfortable with that location. There’s no looking around the room or anything like just baby, baby, baby. That’s it. Now, if you like, you can bend your Lollipop and sit it may be on the table or on a nightstand next to your crib. It has what is most likely a wire on the inside of this silicone exterior that’s bendable that allows you to place the baby monitor on a table or a stand mounting is pretty easy.

Soon as you open up the app, there are three different ways that you can Mount your Lollipop. Now we put ours right on the crib directly facing kind of diagonally downward, but you can just as easily Mount it on the, uh, antler or the branch.

If you like, you can set the monitor up to notify you. If the room gets over a certain DPS. So if the room gets too loud, you get a notification on your phone that, that there is an increase or uptake noise. That uptake is most likely your baby crying. Now, if your child is the one that needs music to go to sleep, there are some options on there that you can use. Noark chopping a hairdryer, a vacuum sea wave, some water. And if the baby is still in the womb, a hairdryer, she doesn’t care about a hairdryer.

All right, when it comes to cost, you’re looking at about $150 for your very own Lollipop, baby monitor. In my opinion, it’s a very competitive price considering everything that it does. And when you look in the baby Wi-Fi market, even regular Wi-Fi camera markets, it’s on parts about that. The additional thing that they add is their Lollipop care.

Now that ranges from $29, all the way up to $200 per year, you get a few extra features like the ability to record continuously for 24 hours. Now, I think the basic version is just fine and it’s worked for us pretty well.

So depending on your style, there may or may not be a need to actually add on this Lollipop care. So that’s it guys. That’s all I got for you guys today. I hope you guys enjoyed this. Um, very cool. Looking looks like an eye. That’s it for me today. I hope you guys enjoyed the product review for the Lollipop, baby monitor.

Lollipop Wi-Fi® baby camera FAQ

You can give someone access to limited hours during the day?

I think that’s a great idea! They just need the login info, and I keep one phone logged into my account so we don’t have any problems with swapping phones or forgetting who was supposed to watch which kids at what time.

Will this monitor work if our home Wi-Fi crashes?

The monitor is a WI-FI-based baby camera and the live feed is through Lollipop. However, if your home Wi-Fi crashes then this will not work because there’s no way to get internet access on its own!

But luckily for you, we have Network Diagnosis which helps diagnose networks so that might be helpful in setting up an environment where parents can view their babies easily without having any problems viewing them via smartphone app or computer screencast when they’re away from home

I am getting push alerts for normal air quality about 5 times in an hour. How do I prevent this from happening?

Lower the DB level


Lollipop Baby Monitor


The Lollipop Baby Monitor is one of the best portable Smart AI WiFi Baby Cameras on the market.

This product has many features that are beneficial to parents including contactless breathing monitoring and live view sharing.

With data history, you will be able to keep track of your baby’s patterns and optimize their caretaking routine.

If you are in the market for a new baby monitor, this is an excellent option and CHECK PRICE today!

Motion detection 10
Picture quality 9
Night vision 10
Sound quality 8
  • Easy to connect to wifi and set up, rarely have connectivity issues even if the camera is far from the router
  • Both mom and dad can access the monitor on their phones at the same time
  • Great camera quality – both day and night
  • Can use the camera as sound machine via app
  • Recordings saved in the timeline
  • The cute camera that's easy to place anywhere
  • No battery, only works from a wall outlet.
  • The biggest con is audio setting is not retained when reconnecting – if loses power at night, white noise stops & phone is silent leading to potentially heartbreaking wake-up.
  • If loose connection & camera is standby mode, difficult to turn off standby when reconnects;

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