Owlet App Review. What I found most helpful on the App?




Owlet App Review
Owlet App Review

That is a game-changer totally good. And it is the outlet smart sought to, and we wanted to show you how easy it is to use and what we like about it. So, this is the Owlet Smart Sock version two and attracts your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. So, let’s open it up. It comes with a good guidebook, very easy to follow, really good information. And the app is really easy to follow as well.

Owlet Smart Sock: docking station has this rim and that's what glows
Owlet Smart Sock: docking station has this rim and that’s what glows

And so, it’ll glow different colors. And so green is your friend and green will actually track that this is connected properly, and this does play music.

So, it is a loud noise, uh, for it to notify you when there is a difference in the baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels, or the SOC is out of range or something is not conducted properly.

2 Owlet Smart Sock: So really easy to follow
2 Owlet Smart Sock: So really easy to follow

It has two indicator lights, the WIFI that is connected to the sock that it’s connected to. And then it also has this big button that once it’s on the surface, you can hear that that’s, what’s clicking on and off. And then also turning off the notification whenever you’re done with the notification.

So, it’s really easy to use. And then the smart sock, of course, shows you how it’s wrapped on baby’s foot, heart rate on the bottom, oh two sensors here on top, and it has a talker on the side and then on top. So, unwrap it and you can see the sensor and it also gives you good information on the sock. And so, it says zero to one month, typically six to eight pounds. And this is the smart sock you can use. And this actually shows you behind the pinky toe.

So that little dot should go right behind the pinky toe in that little divot should go and follow right on the side of the foot. So basically, right behind the pinky toe and then lay down the Velcro, Velcro it up. So, it should fit just like that, right around the ankle. And there you have it, it can, it a little bit further.

3 Owlet Smart Sock:  It has the other two socks available for you
3 Owlet Smart Sock:  It has the other two socks available for you

And so it’s different sizes. That’s the smart sock three, and this is a smart sock two. So it is just different sizes. And then your power cables, of course, this one is the one to charge the sock. And so it’s easy to plugin and then it’ll plug into your base station. So your base station has two plugs, so it’s easy to plugin. And so now it can charge once this is actually charged or plugged into the wall. So this is the ALIT smart saw too. I failed to mention it, but it is from zero to 18 months of age. Next, I will show you about the app and how

It’s used. All right, guys, let’s dive into the allied app. My wife and I really liked this app. It’s really user-friendly. And it does have really good information on the first screen.

It’s my favorite screen because it provides you with all the information you need, right? When you open up the app, when the baby has the outlet on it immediately, it starts recording and giving you live feed data.

4 Owlet App:  It has the heart rate monitor on the left and it has the averages and the O2 sensor on the right.
Owlet App:  It has the heart rate monitor on the left and it has the averages and the O2 sensor on the right.

 It has the baby’s information above it, that baby name, and the picture that you can add to it. And it tells you what device you’re using. And at the bottom of the page, it has the history, the guide, and the account. And so, I’ll talk to you a little bit about that in just a minute, but I wanted to inform you that the most helpful thing on this whole app was the question marks.

Owlet App:  the baby boy status
Owlet App:  the baby boy status

They give you a lot of valuable information, so I’ve clicked on almost all of them. So up at the top, the baby boy status, um, and tells you what you can look for and what the readings are and what they mean. And then it also gives you the cam camera status.

 So, in case you wanted to get the camera, it gives you that option as well. And then you scroll up and you see that my sock is not on my baby and it’s actually charging in the charge is complete. Um, the base station, the sock is actually plugged in right now. And as you see, a base station is really faint.

That means that the sock is plugged in being charged. And if it was unplugged in the sock was on baby, then there would be an option on the right-hand side. You can barely see it, but it would be an option to turn on the base station from the phone, from the app, instead of actually clicking that the physical button on the base station.

Owlet App:  Tells you if you're connected or not base station wifi
Owlet App:  Tells you if you’re connected or not base station wifi

So that makes it nice. Oh, below it has the base station WIFI. It tells you if you’re connected or not. And then you can click on the question, mark, and it can walk you through connectivity issues. And if you click on the learn about WIFI connected connectivity at the bottom, it takes you to the outlet weblink help center. And this is a fantastic resource.

 I’ve used it several times to look up some of the information, a little more detailed information troubleshooting, um, just helpful tips, but let’s get back over into the app. And then once I get back in, it will auto-populate the gear right next to the image of the smart sock, and the dock station is assigned to a baby boy. And you can add a child if you’d like, it gives you the notifications here underneath it as well. And you can change those. 

If you want to. Then at the bottom, that history you can look at different days.  And at the top, it actually shows you the sleep data, the OTU data and the heart rate monitor data. And all of these are click-friendly.

Owlet App:  sleep data
Owlet App: sleep data

So, once you click on it, you can actually see the sleep data. If you scroll to the left, you can find out the data that you want from last night’s sleep and everything is changing here underneath it as well. Whenever you scroll across it, you can change the date. If you want to look at it a couple of days ago.

Owlet App:  it allows you to jump to today and, or build a report
Owlet App:  it allows you to jump to today and, or build a report

You can see the previous date, or you can see last night’s sleep in the day prior to that.

And then if you click on the graph up at the top, right in the middle, if you wanted to see all three data points at the same time in the graph form, this gives you that option the sleep data, the OTU data, and the heart rate, of course, and you can scroll to the next day and or you use the arrow buttons and it’ll get to that next day.

Then you click on notifications at the top, and this is where in the event, you do have a notification. It will populate here, but down at the bottom of the screen, you see the guide.

Owlet App: guide
Owlet App: guide

And this is the most helpful menu option in the whole app. It provides you how-tos with YouTube video clips that you can watch and also descriptions and instructions below each one.

So, if I click on how to put on a baby sock, it gives you a quick video that you can watch. And then also gives you the description underneath and tips and tricks were a really good one because people that are that travel might want to know how to turn on and off the smart sock sensor.

Oh, this is a quick, simple tip and trick that you can do to be able to turn off the sensor and then be able to turn it back on whenever you’re ready to put it into use. So read up on that. And then whenever you click the account button mini button at the bottom, it’ll show you my profile, how-to videos, and the help and support center.

And it can provide you with the customer service of chat, call, and email, and then looks at other products and troubleshooting in terms and conditions. And then you can add devices in this location as well.

If you do get another sock and, or get the camera and up at the top on the right-hand corner, you see the chat. So you should be able to talk to a person or someone to be able to help out with any issues that you might have. And that’s the app, Rachel. And I really like, that it is user-friendly all the information is live streaming, and I hope you guys really like it.

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