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The best strollers for traveling with children are those that can be easily folded and stored in a small space. These strollers are also known as “travel-friendly” or “portable.” If you’re looking to buy a new portable stroller, we’ve got you covered! This blog post is an extensive guide to the best small and mini folding strollers on the market today.

What is a portable stroller and what are the benefits of owning one?

A small stroller is a type of umbrella or folding buggy that’s lightweight and easy to carry around. Travel-friendly buggies are useful for parents who want to make sure they can easily move their baby from place to place without having to worry about making space in the trunk of the car, dealing with large boxes at an airport check-in counter or carrying bulky equipment up multiple flights of stairs. A mini stroller may be more compact than its full size counterpart but it will still have all of the features you need as a parent! Portable prams typically feature hardy wheels, adjustable handles and recline function so your child will always feel comfortable when riding along on your adventures together. You’ll also find some models come equipped with accessories such as a sun canopy, rain cover and storage basket – perfect for storing all of your necessary baby gear!

How to choose a portable stroller for your lifestyle?

Once you’ve decided that a small stroller is the best option for your family, there are some important factors to consider before making a purchase. Here we break down what parents should keep in mind when looking for an easy-to-use travel buggy:

  • Size and weight of the pram – Small buggies can be hard to find as most standard-sized models on the market today tend to be bulky and heavy; however, if this isn’t something that will bother you then it might not matter. There are tons of great options out there but make sure you test them out in person (if possible) so they don’t end up being too big or cumbersome during everyday use! If size really does matter though, some mini strollers can fold up to a very small footprint and even fit into a large handbag or backpack.
  • Maneuverability – If you’ll be primarily using your portable buggy in urban areas, it’s important to consider models with 360-degree swivel wheels for easy turning. Alternatively, if you’re expecting mostly country walks and bumpy terrain, then look for a stroller with all-terrain wheels that will make light work of any surface.
  • Recline function – A good recline function is an essential feature on any travelling stroller as your child may want to take a nap during long journeys. Make sure the model you choose has at least adjustable positions – upright and fully reclined – to accommodate a variety of needs.
  • Storage space – If you have other children, pets or plan on carrying shopping bags with your stroller then ample storage is essential. The best small prams should come equipped with large baskets under the seat and side pockets for storing things like snacks, toys and drinks bottles so they’re within easy reach when needed. In addition, some models include extra features such as cup holders and even built-in speakers!
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – Once you’ve considered all of the above points it’s time to consider how big your buggy will be once folded down. Many mini buggies can fold up into something much smaller than its original size but there are still distinctions between brands; so it’s worth checking the overall dimensions before you make your final decision.
mini stroller

The best way to care for a new or used portable stroller

Once you’ve finally decided on your new small stroller, there are some important factors to consider before using it for the first time. Here we break down all of the steps that will help ensure your buggy lasts as long as possible:

  • Cleaning – After each use, make sure you wipe down any dirty parts with a damp cloth and leave it to dry off at room temperature (never put away wet or damp equipment). If needed, you can also give larger pieces like the seat pad a more thorough clean by removing them from their frame; alternatively take things into your own hands by purchasing specialised cleaning products made specifically for buggies just in case!
  • Storing – To keep dust at bay while not being used, store your buggy in a dry and ventilated place – like an airing cupboard or garage. If you live in a particularly humid climate it’s also worth investing in a storage cover to keep everything protected (check with the manufacturer beforehand to see if they offer one).
  • Maintenance – There are some basic maintenance tasks that all parents should do on a regular basis to keep their stroller running smoothly; such as tightening screws every few months, checking brake cables for any wear and tear and lubricating moving parts where necessary. Luckily most of this is easy enough to do at home without too much hassle!
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How to choose the right size?

When it comes to finding the perfect small folding stroller, size does matter – but not in the way you might think. It’s important to find a model that is compact enough to be easily transported when needed, but still has all of the features you need to make life easier with a young child. 

So how do you go about finding the right balance?

  • Consider your needs – The first step is to ask yourself what exactly you’ll be using your portable buggy for. If you’ll mainly be using it for short trips around town then maneuverability and storage space will be more important than recline function or dimensions; whereas if you’re looking for something more versatile then all of these factors will come into play.
  • Choose your features – Once you’ve considered what exactly it is you’ll be using the buggy for, give some thought to which additional features would make life easier. For example, if you think your child will enjoy a pleasant nap during long walks then look out for models with recline function; or if storage space is important to you don’t forget that there are plenty of excellent small strollers that come equipped with baskets and pockets.
  • Consider overall size – There’s no point in getting a super-lightweight pram only to find that the foldable dimensions put too much strain on your back! It can also help to imagine how easy transporting the stroller will be when taking children into account as well (you’ll soon realise that a buggy for two is much harder to handle than one child!).

What is a small stroller?

A small stroller is exactly what it sounds like; a smaller version of the standard buggies that are often seen in public places. They’re easy to transport, comfortable for children and many come with an array of additional features too – which means they can be very useful additions to any family’s arsenal!

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The benefits of having a small stroller

  • Mini strollers are a great way to transport your baby or toddler
  • They fold up easily and can be stored in the trunk of a car, making them perfect for traveling 
  • They’re also easy to store because they take up less space than regular sized strollers 
  • When you need to use it, just unfold it and start using it!
  • You can find mini-sized versions of popular brands
  • The best part is that mini strollers cost much less than their full-size counterparts!

What is a folding stroller and why do you need it?

A folding stroller is a type of pram that can be easily folded down to a small size, making it easy to transport and store. Many parents find them invaluable because they’re so versatile – perfect for taking on holiday or using when out and about in town.

There are different types of folding strollers available on the market; some which fold down into a compact square shape, and others which collapse into thirds like an umbrella. Whichever one you choose, make sure that you can comfortably fit it into your car boot or storage space!

What are the benefits of using a folding stroller?

Folding strollers are incredibly useful for a number of different reasons – here’s just a few to get you thinking.

  • They’re easy to transport and can fit into small spaces, making them perfect when visiting friends or going on holiday!
  • Many models come with additional features that make life easier, such as cup holders and trays. Padded seats also ensure comfort for your child during long journeys too. 
  • It’s all about the practicalities; after all it doesn’t matter how versatile or smoothly designed something is if it isn’t comfortable enough for children!

So always remember that while portability tends to be very important in folding prams, so does safety! Make sure there are plenty of harnesses, straps and other forms of protection to keep your child safe at all times.

Portable strollers are a fantastic way to transport your child and offer many benefits that standard prams don’t. Whether you want something small or versatile, there’s plenty of choice on the market so it really comes down to what you need as an individual family.

Remember though; no matter how much fun those trays with cup holders sound – safety should always be top priority! So do your research before purchasing any new practicalities for travelling with children!


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