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Questions and Answers About Safe Sleep
Questions and Answers About Safe Sleep

Article from United States CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION – Safe Sleep – Cribs and Infant Products Information Center

New baby in your home or one on the way? Learn exactly how to give your baby a refuge to rest.

Inquiries and also Solutions Regarding Safe Rest

The National Institute of Kid Health And Wellness and also Human Being Development has a detailed Inquiry and Answer web page concerning how you can make certain your child is resting securely.

CPSC Research Into Inclined Sleeper Security

  • CPSC received records of 1,108 incidents, consisting of 73 crib death, related to baby inclined sleep products that took place from January 2005 through June 2019. CPSC hired independent professional Erin Mannen, Ph.D., a mechanical designer specializing in biomechanics at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, to carry out baby screening to review the layout of inclined rest products.
  • Dr. Mannen found that none of the likely sleep products her group examined is secure for infant sleep.
  • Dr. Mannen’s record was definitive that items with inclines 10 levels or much less, with flat as well as stiff surface areas, are likely safe for infant sleep. Dr. Mannen also located that soft as well as plush-like rest surfaces present threats to infants.

Learn How to Put Your Baby to Sleep Safely

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